Baby Bundle

Baby Bundle (0–6 months)

Inside the Baby Bundle is everything that your 0–6-month old needs to be completely comfortable while away from home. This bundle does everything to accommodate the nursing or formula-fed newborn and also provides wholesome, natural and organic options for keeping your little one clean and dry. Each Baby Bundle also comes with a “sample of the month.” Our mission is to introduce you to some of the products that you've been hearing about ... but haven't had a chance to experience. The Baby Bundle will cater to your present needs and enhance your baby's travel lifestyle.

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Bean Bundle

Bean Bundle (7–18 months)

The Bean Bundle is especially geared towards your growing 7–12-month old. Whether your baby is a supported sitter or eager first stepper, the Bean Bundle will allow your little one to enjoy all of the comforts of home, while away from home. Each bundle is customized with your babies favorite brand of formula, diapers, wipes and snacks. In addition, we make traveling a breeze with our travel sized essentials, all perfectly packed in your Fly Baby tote.

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Big Bundle

Bigs Bundle (18+ months)

The Bigs Bundle is for the big kid in your life. This bundle is designed to keep your big kid engaged while away from home. With the “Book of the month” and Aqua Doodle, this bundle will make traveling an adventure. Travel basics are also included in the Bigs Bundle, all perfectly packed in your Fly Baby Tote.

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